Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is definitely a up-dated of fresh type transmissing machine designed with K-H-V less teeth engagement and the cycloidal pin wheel clenching system, which are trusted in drive and minimizing of textile and dying, foodstuff, mining and metallurgy, Essential oil and chemical cranes, Sector, task machinery etc and conveyors. various fields.

1. Equipment is made from high durability low carbon alloy metal by carburizing and quenching. The hardness of tooth surface area can reach HRC58-62. CNC grinding technology is used for all gears, with large precision and good contact performance
2. high transmission performance: single stage over 96.5%; double stage over 93%; three stage over 90%;
3. stable operation and low noise;
4, compact structure, light-weight, long service lifestyle and high bearing capacity;
5. convenient to disassemble, check and assemble.

Operation specifications and precautions
1.High modularization design: many equip with various motor or other power insight conveniently.Same machine type may equip with numerous power motor. It really is easy to realize the combination and
junction between every machine type.
2.Transmission ratio: good division, wide scope. The combined machine type may form very large transmitting ratio, i.e. result suprisingly low rotary speed.
3.Form of assembly: the position to be installed is not limited.
4.High strength, compact: the box body is constructed of great strength cast iron. Gear and equipment shaft adapts the gas carbonization, quenching and excellent grinding process, which means bearing ability of unitvolume is substantial.
5.Long life: Beneath the condition of correct type chosen (including choosing appropriate operation parameters)normal operation and maintenance, the life span of main elements of speed reducer (except dressed in parts) shouldn’t be less than 20000 hours. The putting on parts include lubricating essential oil seal, bearing and oil.
6.Low noise: because main elements of speed reducer are processed, assembled and tested critically,which means noise of speed reducer is definitely low;
7.Parallel axis -bevel wheel speed-down motor
cycloidal gear reducer

1. High quickness ratio and efficiency
Single stage transmission can reach to 1 1:87 of speed-downwards ratio and the efficiency is definitely a lot more than 90%. If employ multi-speed travel the speed-down ratio is bigger.
2. Compact
Being adapted epicyclic tranny basic principle, the input and outcome shaft are at same axis center, it is compact.
3. Smooth and steady run and low noise
The cycloidal pinwheel has more meshed teeth, the overlapping coefficient id big and the device part is stable, the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum content.
1. Large deceleration ratio
A high deceleration ratio of 1/30-1/320 can be obtained.The structure is easy, but it can know high reduction ratio system.
2. Small gear clearance
The Drive, which meshes with ordinary gears and has minimal backlash, is essential to the controller business.
3. High precision
Multiple teeth are involved concurrently, and there are two gears engaged with 180 degree symmetry. Consequently, the affect of tooth pitch error and cumulative tooth pitch error on the rotation accuracy is relatively average, which makes the positioning precision and rotation precision reach a very high level.
4. Less parts, easy installation
The three basic components achieve a higher deceleration ratio, plus they are all on a single axis, therefore the kit is simple to install and easy to shape.
5. Small in size and light in weight
Compared with the previous gear device, the volume is 1/3, the weight is 1/2, but can obtain the same torque potential and reduction ratio, reaching small lightweight.
6 High torque capacity
Flexible wheel material USES specialized steel with high fatigue strength.Different from ordinary transmission machine, the number of teeth meshing accounts for on the subject of 30% of the full total number of teeth. Additionally, it is in call with the surface, so that the pressure borne by each gear is reduced and excessive torque capacity can be obtained.
7 High efficiency
The sliding of gear meshing parts is quite small, which reduces the power loss due to friction. Therefore, high lowering ratio can be achieved while maintaining high proficiency, and miniaturization of driving motor can be realized.
8. Low noise
The gear meshing cycle speed is low, the transmission movements force balance, therefore the operation is quiet, and the vibration is quite small.
◆Substantial speed ratio and great efficiency single-stage transmission can achieve a deceleration ratio of 1 1:87, and the efficiency is more than 90%. If multi-stage transmission is used, the deceleration ratio will get larger.
◆Because planetary transmission principle is adopted, the source shaft and end result shaft are on a single axis line, so that the machine unit can get the tiniest possible size.
◆The number of meshing teeth of cycloidal needle teeth with smooth running noise and low cycloidal noise is more, the overlap coefficient is much larger, and the mechanism of balancing machine parts causes the vibration and voice limited to a minimum.
◆Reliable use and long service life because the main parts are made from huge carbon chromium steel, high strength is usually obtained by quenching (HRC58-62), and rolling friction can be used in some transmission contacts, so the service life is lengthy.
Cycloid reducer is usually a cycloid needle teeth meshing planetary transmission principle drive models, is an ideal transmission has many advantages, versatile, and may be both positive and negative operation.

•Big ratio, and great efficiency Smooth operation,

• low noise The usage of reliable,

• long life can reach 50000 hours

• Main parts high-carbon the Ming-steel after quenching treatment (HRC58-62),

• operation and contact with rolling friction, basically no wear, durable.

• Compact structure,

• small size Because the use of a planetary transmitting, the insight shaft and the result shaft on the same axis, which makes the model to get the smallest possible size.

• Reasonable design, easy protection, and breakdown easily install,

• the least number of parts together with basic lubrication, cycloid reducer trusted by an individual.
(1)Size above PL/PF120(including)high torque products adopt integral double wall planet pinion carrier, precision and improve the output strength.

(2).Hoop clamp coupling have five connection methods suited to different application environments.

(3).Size in this article PL/PF120(incorporating)precision and high durability integral inner gear housing, processed in one station,which remove the cumulative mistake and assembling mistake of split type.Eliminate casting process;adopt hot of forging process, that may decrease the blank material defects.

(4).The meshing equipment adopt shaving procedure after carburizing and quenching,which easier to make gear surface smooth and high accuracy,decrease the temperature rising due to gear surface area gluing and friction.
This series worm-gear reducer was engineered after RV worm microreducer, that have a complete norm, wide speed for selection, and many mounting positions. Its performance and mounting dime nsions conform the same types of foreign.
The combo of worm and gear has higher efficiency and wider speed range to single worm.
Designation of square shape, radiate heat efficiently, beautiful shape, low noise and compact structure.
Great sealing and adaptability.Its blend with T equipment reducer and MB/MBN variator may meet all sorts of speed requirement.