There are several various sorts of helical gearboxes, which includes the inline helical gearbox. The inline helical gearbox has the highest pace and is the most widespread type. An inline helical gearbox has the same planetary ratio as a spur equipment, but its radial counterpart has the same heart gap. The principal big difference among the 2 is the reverse module configuration. A spur gearbox has the very same quantity of tooth as an inline helical gearbox, but the helix angle differs. This is since the genuine pitch may differ relying on the helix angle.

R Series Helical Inline Gearbox

Our R Collection inline helical gearbox has a grade cast iron housing and substantial-energy steel gears. This collection of helical gearbox can be driven by either a DC or AC provide supply. For risk-free operations, the helical gearboxes are flameproof with brake motor alternatives. As a foremost inline helical gearbox manufacturer, we understand the usefulness and efficiency an inline transmission guarantees. All our inline helical gearboxes and motors are easy to keep and change. With our inline helical gearbox, you can achieve a extensive variety of output torque (200 – 1800 Nm), ratio (3.33 – 287.seventy four), mounting placement (M1 – M6), and rating electricity (.eighteen kW – 160 kW). We have a extensive of inline helical equipment motors/gearboxes to select from. R collection inline helical gearbox has a high-rigidity solid-iron box with ribs the difficult-toothed encounter equipment is created of substantial-top quality alloy metal, the floor is hardened by carburizing and quenching, the grinding tooth are finely processed, the transmission is secure, the noise is minimal, the bearing capability is massive, the temperature increase is low, and the service existence is long. R sequence inline helical coaxial helical inline gearbox is widely utilised in metallurgy, sewage remedy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. The R collection helical inline gearbox is generally vertically mounted. The dimensions and range of lubricating oil utilized in an R helical gearbox are essential. The vertical set up brings about the transmission gear oil to leak when the gearbox stops functioning.

Technical specs of R Sequence Inline Helical Gearbox

Housing material Cast iron/Ductile iron
Housing hardness HBS190-240
Equipment material 20CrMnTi alloy steel
Area hardness of gears HRC58°~62 °
Gear core hardness HRC33~40
Input / Output shaft materials 42CrMo alloy metal
Input / Output shaft hardness HRC25~thirty
Machining precision of gears precise grinding, 6~5 Quality
Lubricating oil GB L-CKC220-460, Shell Omala220-460
Warmth treatment tempering, cementing, quenching, etc.
Efficiency 94%~96% (is dependent on the transmission phase)
Sound (MAX) sixty~68dB
Temp. rise (MAX) 40°C
Temp. increase (Oil)(MAX) 50°C
Vibration ≤20µm
Backlash ≤20Arcmin
Software Metallurgy, Sewage remedy, chemical substances, Pharmaceutical, and other industries.

Features of Inline Helical Gearbox

  • Iron circumstance with stress casting
  • Higher-quality bodyweight and lovely look
  • Muti element mounting, simple adjustment
  • Clean procedure, free routine maintenance
  • Reduced noise, smooth procedure


Inline Helical Gearbox Layout

Conduit box placement

Mounting Position

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