Unmarked chains with engineered rubber plates transport wood or finished products without leaving scratches or damage on the surface. Sizes BS 12b and 16b are available.

Chain No. Pitch (inch) Pitch (mm)
16B_M-JLP-EL 1″ 25.40
16B_M-JLP-E2LR 1″ 25.40

About Non-Marking Chain

The unmarked chain is equipped with an engineering rubber plate for each section or every second.
Two rubber materials are available: POM (hard) and TPU (soft).
Different rubber shores can be provided for TPU.
Chains are usually used to transport the wood or finished products with medium load weight without leaving scratches or damage on the surface.
Our available specifications are British Standards 12b and 16b.
Any inquiry exceeding the above specifications is welcome.


  1. Rubber plates can prevent surface scratch and damage
  2. POM and TPU materials are available
  3. Custom rubber Shore A for TPU
  4. Solid bushing and roller
  5. Heat treated and shot peened parts
  6. Welcome to inquire about other specifications